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Hello everyone! I'm interested in getting people together to do some activism in the Everett area. I have a bunch of ideas that consist of:

• Flyers - I have created a basic black and white teaser flyer in word format that can be posted in the area at community boards at grocery stores, coffee shops and school bulletin boards. It gives a general guideline of what the ideas of a resource based economy are about and starts with a provocative question asking if you're tired of the recession and goes into how a resource based economy differs from our current one. It is not partial to the Zeitgeist Movement or the Venus Project. Instead it outlines an RBE instead of a monetary based economy. A cheap and easy way to get people's attention and let them know there is an alternative. 

• Roadside/Highway signs - With the elections coming up, it's a good time to post our own "political" signs along busy intersections and even along highways in the area. They can be Zeitgeist or Venus Project, I don't care either way because I support both. We can use the same sign companies that the political parties use so there will be some cost. I'm willing to go in with whomever wants to for however many we can afford. 

• Window stickers - I have had static cling stickers printed of the Venus Project with their official logo. They are clear with white writing and can be stuck on the inside of windows and look great. Let me know if you want a few copies.

• Public screenings of films - We can screen Zeitgeist Addendum, Moving Forward or possibly some of the lectures. I have a location we could use and possibly advertise in (re-verification required however, beforehand). 


Let me know if you want to get involved and lets do it!


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Hello, Clinton.  I live in Mukilteo.  I've been following the Zeitgeist Movement for several months now and very glad to finally have an opportunity to network with others who are interested, who want to learn more and, most importantly, who want to get involved locally, nationally and globally.  I've watched the Zeitgeist films and other important documentaries related to the issues being addressed in the Zeitgeist Movement.  I look forward to meeting you and others in the area.  Ciao!  Rebecca 

Hi Rebecca, thanks for replying. I look forward to doing some promotion with you and others in the movement. There's a meetup happening Wednesday actually downtown which would be a good time to meet some new people. I'm planning on being there. One of our coordinators is leaving for another country and this will be his last meeting in the area. Let me know if you're interested.




I actually talked to Rebecca via e-mail the other day too. From our conversation, it didn't sound like coming to Seattle for any events at the moment was an option for you Rebecca but the meetup Clifton is talking about is here: http://www.meetup.com/ZeitgeistSeattle/events/38897282/

Great to see you having conversations on here :)

Tony, Mack, Sarah and Rick are all active in the Everett area as well. Hopefully we can get people interacting more on some specific place. This discussion area would be fine if people can stay active here. Mack had tried posting about some Snohomish activities on the state board and hadn't gotten much response, but there was a little.



Hey everyone, another idea I've been implementing is the use of what I call currency tagging. I looked it up and it is legal to write messages on dollar bills as long as the bill is still useable for circulation. I checked with the Treasury's Bureau of Printing and Engraving so it's legit.

What I try to do whenever i get my hands on a bill is to use a fine tipped red felt pen to write a message on the bill.  Usually it's something like "The Venus Project" then "beyond politics poverty and war" on the front and "The Zeitgeist Movement, Free Your World" on the back or the reverse. 

What better way to get our message out than to use the monetary system's own influence against itself. Everyone still uses cash so writing on bills can potentially reach thousands of people during each bill's lifecycle. They're circulated randomly and everyone uses them. 

I even sometimes withdraw a bunch of bills from my credit union just to tag them and then re-deposit them right back into my account so they're put into circulation. Some may be taken out of circulation but probably not all. 

This is a free and effective way to raise consciousness so. Next I'll be creating stamps for even more bills to be tagged quicker and easier. Any other ideas?



Another idea I've been wanting to do is to create a huge sign with the movement or the Venus Project's info on it for hanging on overpasses like the L.A. chapters do or to use it on a busy street corner or highway exit locally somewhere. 

Mercer street on a weekend would be a great time and place to do it and would be seen by hundreds of people per hour, maybe more. It might not get any detail out there but it would establish a presensce and put our name in people's minds. 

This would be good to use at the Occupy Seattle site or on Z-day as well. Just another idea I wanted to throw out there. Let's pool our resources and make some of this happen!



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