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Hello, fellow Zeitgeist followers! My first post here, and hopefully an idea that others are working on in the world, we can expand on in Everett Washington! I'm sure many of you have heard of the Beacon Food Forest. A 7 acre stretch of publicly traveled road converted into a mostly self-sustaining, regrowing source of food that's free for the public to harvest and consume. The foliage includes plants, nuts, berries, legumes, and all other varieties of edible delicacies. I personally fell in love with this idea when I first ran across someone building one in Australia, and was super excited to see the 'nations largest' one being built right up on beacon hill, about 30 minutes away. What do I want to do? I want to build one of these in Everett. After going over details on how this could be possible for a few hours, I was left with some realizations. First of which, I feel the best location for a food forest is somewhere that receives regular foot/bike traffic from people who might otherwise have trouble getting food, parks that go through some of Everett's poorer neighborhoods. That location looks to be, anywhere, or everywhere along the inter-urban trail, which extends all the way from Everett to Lynnwood down some of the worst areas of town. It stretches for about 15 miles, with spacious patches all along the trail that would be perfect for growing sustainable plants that people could harvest. I'm still quite in the dark how to go about this, though. I've contacted the parks department in an effort to get some questions answered, but haven't been able to talk to anyone directly yet. I'm not sure where funding comes from to get something like this done, either. And I'm not a city planner, botanist or horticulturist, though I do have a vision I'd like to see come true. I'm looking for anyone who'd like to help with this in the Everett area. As of right now, I'm in a planning phase and nothing is official, but I believe it to be a vision worth building.

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